Frozen Lemon Chèvre Cookie Bites

Makes 24 small cookies

8 oz Laura Chenel’s Chabis or Chef’s Chèvre

8 oz lemon curd (prepared or favorite home made recipe)

1 box Belgian waffle cookies

1. Mix equal portions of Laura Chenel’s Chef’s Chèvre and lemon curd.
2. Top a Belgian waffle cookie (Trader Joe’s work well) with a generous spoonful of the Chef’s Chèvre /curd mixture, close with another cookie to make a sandwich. Continue making cookie sandwiches until the entire filling is used. Place cookies in layers in a plastic container and freeze. When ready to serve, take frozen cookies out of the freezer and cut diagonally to make a graceful “bite.”
The frozen cookies will melt quickly so serve immediately after removing from the freezer or refresh the plate with more as needed.  Plate with a spoonful of fresh seasonal berries.
The cookies can be made a week in advance, wrapped tightly in foil and frozen.