Meet our family farmers

You need great milk to handcraft great cheese.
— Miguel, Laura Chenel's Creamery manager

Committed to local farming,                       our milk comes exclusively from Western USA farms. We love working in close relationship with our farmers, by providing support and new technologies, to produce the best milk. We also enforce guidelines to ensure the best nutrition, shelter, and natural living conditions for the goats. 
Our farmers all have long-term contracts with us, reflecting our trust and support in their development. We are proud to present to you a few of them:

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Goats are sensitive to climate, feed and environment. 
On each farm the goats live outside, with plenty of room to trot and play. Of course, they have shelter to protect themselves from the sun, wind, or rain. Unlike cows which are grazers, goats like to browse on the tips of woody shrubs and trees, as well as the occasional broad-leaved plant.

Our goats are fed primarily with alfalfa, a high-protein type of hay, two to three times a day. During the milking process our farmers complement their feed with grain to ensure they have all the nutrients to produce good and high-quality milk.

This nurturing environment creates a reliable supply of fresh milk, perfectly balanced in protein and fat. This balance expresses itself in the incredible freshness, flavor, and texture of Laura Chenel’s cheeses, bringing the most consistent and dependable products to our customers.