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Inspired to make a French Tome style cheese, Laura Chenel sought advice from neighbor Ignacio “Ig” Vella, the creator of the iconic Dry Jack. Our Tome is entirely hand-made. Our fresh goat curd is wrapped in cheese cloth and formed into 3-4 pound wheels then aged for 8 to 12 months. Tome has a pale ivory color and firm texture similar to aged Cheddar or Parmigiano Reggiano. Flavors are reminiscent of fresh milk finishing with balanced notes of sweet caramel and a hint of salt.

Pairing Suggestion
Tome has the perfect texture for melting, crumbling and snacking. We like to shave Tome onto salads and pasta and shred it on frittatas and pizza. Our favorite time to enjoy Tome is to slice it, open a good bottle of Carneros Pinot Noir and eat it up!

Recent Awards
ACS 2012, 2nd Place

Cultured pasteurized goat milk, salt and microbial enzymes. All Laura Chenel’s cheeses are made with fresh local milk that is pasteurized and we use only vegetarian approved rennet (no animal rennet).

Shelf Life: Each wheel ages at least eight months | Keep Refrigerated
Packaging: Vacuum in a clear plastic wrap
Storage: 34 - 45F


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