Goat Brie


Goat Brie

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Laura Chenel’s 5 oz Goat Brie is an American original cheese made exclusively in California. This soft-ripened wheel begins with fresh local goat milk that is turned into curd, gently cut and poured into molds, where it is allowed to drain naturally and retain as much moisture as possible. After 9-14 days of aging, Goat Brie develops a thin bloomy rind and a velvety texture that quickly becomes oozy. Grassy and nutty flavors are balanced by hints of lemon and a clean finish.

Pairing Suggestions
Pleasing to any palate, Goat Brie is a natural for the cheese plate alongside some fresh bread and fruit. It is also delicious melted on to your favorite burger or sandwich and pairs well with Sauvignon Blanc or Belgian Style ales.

ACS Denver 2017, 1st place; CalExpo State Fair 2017, Gold

Cultured pasteurized goat milk, salt and microbial enzymes.
All Laura Chenel’s cheeses are made with fresh local milk that is pasteurized and we use only vegetarian approved rennet (no animal rennet).

Shelf Life: 75 days DOM | Keep Refrigerated
Packaging: Individually wrapped in clear cheese film and stored in printed wooden box.
Storage: 34 - 45F

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