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Creamy and fluffy, Chabis is a pillow of fresh goat cheese. Chabis is now available in five varieties - Original, Herbs, 4-Peppercorn, Dill or our new Chabis Garlic - making it our most versatile offering.  

Pairing Suggestions
Chabis retains more moisture than our regular Logs, which make them ideal for spreading or creating tasty dips. They also can be presented on a cheese board with crudités and crostini. Chabis is a great ingredient for appetizer, salad, pasta and even dessert. Enjoy Chabis with a dry rosé from California or a Rhone Valley red.  

Recent Awards
Chabis Plain: World Cheese Championship WI 2016, 3rd Place & 2014, 2nd Place
Chabis 4-Peppercorn: ACS Raleigh 2012, 2nd Place
Chabis Garlic: World Championship Cheese 2016, 4th Place

Cultured pasteurized goat milk, dried herbs or mixed crushed peppercorns or dill or garlic puree (depending on the flavor), salt and microbial enzymes. All Laura Chenel’s cheeses are made with fresh local milk that is pasteurized and we use only vegetarian approved rennet (no animal rennet). 

Shelf Life: 100 days DOM | Keep Refrigerated
Packaging: Easy-open package with pull tab and clearly marked opening area.
Storage: 34 - 45F
All Chabis are Kosher Certified


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