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Original and Ash-rinded
‘Buchette’, meaning small log in French, is a delicate soft-ripened California original, made in the traditional style of Geotrichum-rinded goat cheese from the Loire Valley. They are either dusted in a layer of vegetable ash or left natural. After aging for 8 to 12 days, they are carefully wrapped in breathable film and snuggled into small wood cups. Ash-rinded Buchette is milder with a more delicate tang than Original, while Original Buchette develops a more piquant flavor. A creamline forms beneath the tender edible rind and spreads toward the chalky center.

Pairing Suggestions
Both cheeses are favorite choices on a cheese board with toasted baguette. Top salad, gratins, grilled steak or roasted vegetables. Pair Ash-rinded and Original Buchette with a crisp white such as Sancerre or a fruity IPA.

Recent Awards
Buchette Original: World Cheese Championship 2016, 5th Pl., CalExpo State Fair 2014, Silver
Ash-rinded Buchette: Good Food Awards 2017, Winner

Cultured pasteurized goat milk, salt (vegetable ash for Ash-rinded Buchette) and microbial enzymes. All Laura Chenel’s cheeses are made with fresh local milk that is pasteurized and we use only vegetarian approved rennet (no animal rennet).

Shelf Life: 60 days DOM
Packaging: Individually wrapped in clear cheese film and stored in wooden cups.
Storage: 33 - 44F

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