Laura Chenel’s Chèvre is unique in our use of only local milk in the production of all Laura Chenel’s brand cheeses. We work in close partnership with 16 local dairies. The relationship with our producers is critical to the quality of our cheese. We have long-term contracts with our producers that signify our trust and close cooperation with them to always achieve the highest quality milk.

Goats are sensitive to climate, feed and environment. The location of our producers ensures the goats enjoy relatively mild weather with no severe weather spikes; they receive a healthy, balanced diet, and careful tending. This nurturing environment creates a reliable supply of fresh milk, very balanced in protein and fat. This balance expresses itself in the incredible freshness, flavor and texture of Laura Chenel’s Chèvre, enabling us to bring the most consistent and dependable product to our customers.

Milk is collected from our producers seven days a week. While the early morning fog lingers in Carneros, the milk is delivered and quality parameters are checked to ensure that only the best quality goat milk is received.


Our Practices

  • All of our cheeses are gluten free.
  • All of our cheeses are rBST free.
  • Our cheeses are made with living cultures.
  • Our cheeses are GMO free and we never knowingly use ingredients that contain GMOs.
  • The majority of our goat milk for cheesemaking comes from family farms in California and the Sierra foothills. Close partnership with our dairies provides support, new technologies, and strictly enforced guidelines to ensure the best nutrition, shelter, and natural living conditions for the goats. 
  • We only use domestic goat milk in our Laura Chenel's brand cheese.